Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number |Jeeto Pakistan Game Show Helpline Number | Jeeto Pakistan Show Contact Number | Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number

April 10, 2022

 Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number |Jeeto Pakistan Game Show Helpline Number | Jeeto Pakistan Show Contact Number | Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number

We warmly welcome you here, to the biggest game show of Pakistan. Jeeto Pakistan game show is a live and also an online game show of most well reputed media channel of Pakistan the ARY News networks. Before going ahead with our contacts details, it is important to provide a short overview about Jeeto Pakistan game show. What kind of game show it is? What services we provide in this show for our newly joining participants and what you should expect from us? Due to the high reputation and fame of Jeeto Pakistan game show, many ill-natured scammers who want to take advantage of the fame of this magnificent game show, are using our name to deceive our respectable viewers and contestant. They provide them wrong contact information about Jeeto Pakistan game show helpline number or giving them wrong Jeeto Pakistan game show number instead of the real Jeeto Pakistan game show number. That’s why, many of our valuable participants can’t even reach us online in a way proper way and they face difficulties in contacting us because of the wrong numbers which are given to them saying that the number is the real Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number. If you are new here and interested in this magnificent game show, you are at the right place here. You will get all the necessary information about the game show and guideline for getting registered as a contestant in the game show. You will also get the real Jeeto Pakistan helpline number or Jeeto Pakistan game show contact number.

Jeeto Pakistan Show was launched for the first time in May 2014. On May 18, 2014, this great game show was sent on air for the first time. The host of this great game show, the Jeeto Pakistan game show is Fahad Mustafa, who is a well-known personality of the Jeeto Pakistan game show. In this game show, we choose participants randomly from the audience present in the studio, who want to be the contestant for the quiz game in the Jeeto Pakistan game show.

Jeeto Pakistan game show is a well famed game show of Pakistan’s mature media network, The ARY news network. We do not just make people aware of the latest news and all the information about Jeeto Pakistan game show, but also deliver them with healthy entertainment.

We give a chance, to not only watch and get amused but also you can participate in the game show as a contestant, making you able to test your general knowledge and it promotes a sense of positive competition among the youth of the nation.

How Jeeto Pakistan Show Proceeds

Jeeto Pakistan game show is unraveled into many divisions. Each division offers a prize in return for a successful round of a set of QnAs or quiz question of the game. All challenges and tricky tasks are preplanned for an interesting and thrillful experience. These quiz questions enhance your general knowledge. These tasks and questions are given by the Jeeto Pakistan game show host. In Jeeto Pakistan game show, many discrete prizes are granted to the winner of the challenges. In these prizes, cash bags, gold, a ticket for vacations, some cool attractive household appliances and automobiles e.g., motorbikes and cars are included. Jeeto Pakistan game show is funded by many finances i.e., big brands pay for promotion of their products from the platform of the Jeeto Pakistan game show, advertisement companies, and commercial brands.

Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Contact Number | Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Helpline

Jeeto Pakistan show is a entertainment and positive competitive show of ART news networks. Offices of ARY news networks are established in almost all big cities of Pakistan. These offices support our media network and Jeeto Pakistan game show in their locality. Jeeto Pakistan head office number / Jeeto Pakistan Head office contact number is given here for your comfort and a feeling of being protected from scammers. It is because, here by approaching the real Jeeto Pakistan head office number you will be able to contact and communicate directly with Jeeto Pakistan head office. You have also facility of visiting our regional offices in most big cities of Pakistan. If you ought to visit Jeeto Pakistan head office, the location of Jeeto Pakistan head office is as follows,

ARY communications Pvt. limited, Abdullah Haroon Road, floor 6 Madina city mall Karachi, district Karachi.

You will be guided about the process to join the Jeeto Pakistan show, like how to get the pass of the Jeeto Pakistan game show. For getting information about prizes or grand lotteries which are won in the show. You can also get the same necessary information by calling Jeeto Pakistan game show contact number or simply by dialing Jeeto Pakistan show head office number.

Be Careful from scammers!

As Jeeto Pakistan show is a very prominent game show of Pakistan, many fraud and sick-minded people use its name to rob and loot all of your hard earned money. They take advantage of your wish of winning prizes and call you from unreal fraud numbers. They tell you to be a caller from Jeeto Pakistan game show head office or Jeeto Pakistan show regional lottery office and will say that, you won the grand prize and will ask your personal details. If you provide them with your details, they will loot all your money from your accounts or will harm in any other way. That’s why, you must be careful regarding following things.

• We, real Jeeto Pakistan show managers, never call to claim that you won any prize saying that your contact number was registered.

• We never verify on call by asking any confirmation code sent on your phone number just a few minutes, before that call.

• We never call to get your personal information i.e., your bank accounts details, your CNIC details, OTPs, passwords and particularly your mother's name to verify you as a show contestant.

• We never call from remote cellular phone numbers. Every time we call from the office landline number. That number you can easily verify that the landline number is the actual registered number for the ARY media networks and is responsible for the Jeeto Pakistan game show.

• If anybody calls and informs you regarding your achievement of the grand prize and compel you to come to any location to collect that grand prize. Stop! Don’t follow his instructions. He can kidnap or loot you on the provided location.

Looking at all these problems, which our contestants and viewers face every day in contacting us to join the Jeeto Pakistan game show, we have given here the original Jeeto Pakistan show contact number as well as our Jeeto Pakistan head office location guideline to make sure your security and a healthy experience with the Jeeto Pakistan Show.

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