How to Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes for Free 2020

August 25, 2019

Game shows on TV are very popular nowadays. Different kinds of winning shows are telecasted daily on different channels where people participate and win the prizes. These game shows are affiliated with different companies which provide these gifts. Game Shows like Jeeto Pakistan, Inaam Ghar, Jeet Ka Dum are very popular. Jeet Ka Dum discontinued in 2016. Jeeto Pakistan is the king of all Game Shows.

Jeeto Pakistan 2019

Jeeto Pakistan Live Call

Jeeto Pakistan show gets Live call from the audience and asks them questions randomly. The caller can win the prizes if he answers the questions. You can also participate in this Jeeto Pakistan Live Call Segment and win prizes there.

Please call us on this number to participate in this game and win prizes.

Jeeto Pakistan SMS Number

Same like making calls, you can also send us SMS and get an entry in the game show. We are the official Jeeto Pakistan helpline center. Make sure you call us and provide us your details like your name and address and get an entry in the show.
Jeeto Pakistan Passes

Jeeto Pakistan Passes

Since the Jeeto Pakistan Show started, we provided thousands of Jeeto Pakistan Passes, to the people who contact us on our official head office number. They win the prizes and thanks us for being helpful for them in their winning situation. They enjoy the stay with the Pakistani hero and anchor of Jeeto Pakistan i.e Fahad Mustafa. 

People Getting Jeeto Pakistan Passes

As you can see in this video, Fahad Mustafa himself giving away Jeeto Pakistan passes free to the audience. The people have craze to get Jeeto Pakistan Pass as they can win prizes of hundreds and thousands of rupees. They also enjoy the show live and can meet their favorite Fahad Mustafa.

Jeeto Pakistan Passes 2020

In order to get an entry, you need Jeeto Pakistan Pass. This pass is sometimes given within a game show. Sometimes the distributors of the show distribute the passes to the audience. While sometimes you need to make a call on the Jeeto Pakistan Official Helpline number to book your seat. In your case, you need to call us to get your pass. Just call us on our official number given bellow.

You just need to make a call on this number and you will get your Jeeto Pakistan Pass on your doorstep. When you call on our number, never forget to mention that you are the visitor of Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Official website. We will give you a number with a pass and you can enter in this show using that pass.

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